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Say Bamboo!!

Cards to Make You Smile

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Say Bamboo - Cards for All Occasions

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You may be wondering why we’ve called our exciting new range of photographic cards, ‘Say Bamboo!’. Well, as giant pandas don’t care much for dairy produce, Elspeth Grindlay, who designed the cards, found that getting them to ‘Say cheese!’, the instruction photographers traditionally give their subjects when they want them to smile, just didn’t work! (We can’t say with any accuracy who introduced the phrase into the English language, but the winning formula, thought to have been first used in the 1940s, has been attributed to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.)

However, even though many countries have now adopted this tried and tested method for taking flattering photos, choosing words that sound like ‘cheese’, (the Chinese, for example, use the word for eggplant!), Elspeth has discovered that asking pandas to ‘Say bamboo!’ produces the best results as it’s really only when they’re eating that they look happy! And you only have to look at her photographs to see that Elspeth’s novel approach definitely works!